California Coronavirus Weekly Recap

Stay up to date on the California coronavirus outbreak and its impact on the real estate market.

This newsletter will be released every Wednesday.

7.8.20: Issue 17

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Paycheck Protection Program extended

  • The Market & Industry: Recovery continues, eviction moratoria extended

  • Around the State: Cases spike statewide, 23 counties now on watchlist

  • Health Check-Up: Young adults represent bulk of new cases, transmission by aerosols raising concerns

7.1.20: Issue 16

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: New weekly unemployment claims fall nationwide, rise in California

  • The Market & Industry: Buyer demand rebounding

  • Around the State: Cases spike across the state

  • Health Check-Up: U.S. cases undercounted

6.24.20: Issue 15

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Updates to PPP loan forgiveness

  • The Market & Industry: Fewer buyers and sellers withdrawing, fewer borrowers in forbearance

  • Around the State: All Californians must wear masks, hospitalizations hit all-time high

  • Health Check-Up: More young adults testing positive

6.17.20: Issue 14

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: High unemployment projected to last throughout the year

  • The Market & Industry: Homebuying sentiment and demand increases

  • Around the State: Cases keep rising as California reopens

  • Health Check-Up: CDC releases new tips for daily activities

6.10.20: Issue 13

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: New modifications to the Paycheck Protection Program

  • The Market & Industry: Buyer interest rising, supply remains constrained

  • Around the State: Schools, bars and gyms to reopen even as cases rise

  • Health Check-Up: WHO recommends all individuals wear masks in shops, confined spaces

6.3.20: Issue 12

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Unemployment, consumer confidence beginning to stabilize

  • The Market & Industry: Mortgage applications rebounding, eviction moratoria extended

  • Around the State: Reopening accelerates

  • Health Check-Up: Pandemic picking up speed across the globe

5.27.20: Issue 11

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Unemployment sees an uptick

  • The Market & Industry: Mortgage applications and showings keep rising, but more declines expected

  • Around the State: Restrictions eased on retail, restaurants, places of worship (subject to county approval)

  • Health Check-Up: Hydroxychloroquine trial halted, anxiety over COVID-19 keeps patients from seeking treatment for other conditions

5.19.20: Issue 10

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Looming budget cuts for California

  • The Market & Industry: Housing indicators show signs of life, California considers rent stabilization program

  • Around the State: Reopening begins in some counties

  • Health Check-Up: Debate over vaccine timeline, California allows testing at pharmacies

5.12.20: Issue 9

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Job losses continue to soar

  • The Market & Industry: Listings and closings on the rise

  • Around the State: California starts easing restrictions

  • Health Check-Up: Where to get tested, new guidelines for offices, mysterious syndrome impacting children

5.5.20: Issue 8

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: PUA application rollout mired by glitchy system

  • The Market & Industry: California market starting to show signs of life

  • Around the State: Tensions mount over when to reopen

  • Health Check-Up: New drug shows promise, debate on vaccine timeline continues

4.28.20: Issue 7

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Applications open for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

  • The Market & Industry: COVID-19 suppresses spring home buying season

  • Around the State: More testing needed before California reopens

  • Health Check-Up: Coronavirus circulated in U.S. earlier than expected, FDA cautions against hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine as treatments

4.21.20: Issue 6

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Loan programs for small businesses run out of funds

  • The Market & Industry: Slowing market, millions of loans in forbearance nationwide

  • Around the State: Planning for the reopening of California

  • Health Check-up: Virus may be more widespread than initially thought, many of those infected show no symptoms

4.14.20: Issue 5

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Relief is coming — slowly

  • The Market & Industry: Even with delays, market is still moving

  • Around the State: Stay-at-home unlikely to end soon

  • Health Check-Up: Antibody testing, racial disparities and guide for running errands

4.07.20: Issue 4

In This Issue:

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Aid is on the way

  • The Market & Industry: Not business as usual

  • Around the State: Face masks now recommended, in some places required

  • Health Check-up: Resources for older adults and coping with stress

3.31.20: Issue 3

In This Issue: 

  • The Market & Industry: Real estate now an essential service — with caveats

  • The Economy & Your Finances: CARES Act provides REALTORS® with relief

  • Around the State: Stay-at-home order likely to continue through April

  • Health Check-Up: Enroll in health coverage without a qualifying event

3.24.20: Issue 2

In This Issue:

  • Around the State: REALTORS® should conduct as much business as possible virtually

  • The Market: C.A.R. currently forecasts home sales to decline in high single digits in 2020

  • The Economy & Your Finances: Aid is on the way

  • Health Check-Up: Covered California extends special enrollment period

3.16.20: Issue 1


In This Issue:

  • The Market: California housing market in flux

  • Around the State: Community transmission on the rise

  • Containment Efforts: Persons 65+ to self-isolate, schools and businesses close

  • Health Check-Up: New travel guidelines and when to seek emergency medical attention

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