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Updated on April 24, 2020


Ombudsman Hotline

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many real estate disputes are likely to arise as Californians adjust to the “new normal.” Thankfully, the C.A.R. Ombudsman Hotline is here to help! The hotline is a free service that C.A.R. offers to assist both the public and REALTORS®. C.A.R. ombudsmen are REALTORS® who volunteer their time to answer non-legal questions and resolve non-legal disputes. C.A.R. ombudsmen receive and respond to questions and complaints about members; can contact members to inform them that a client or another REALTOR® has raised a question or issue; and can provide an informed response to the person complaining.


However, keep in mind that an ombudsman is NOT an attorney and CANNOT give legal advice or answer legal questions. Online requests for a C.A.R. ombudsman can be submitted at, and telephone inquiries can be made by calling

(213) 739-7227. 

C.A.R. Consumer Mediation Center Offers Online Filing and Mediation Services

The C.A.R. Consumer Mediation Center handles real estate transaction mediations throughout the year. Due to COVID-19-related restrictions, your chosen mediator may not be able to offer in-person mediation services at this time, but we have expanded the number of panel mediators available to offer their services online.  Most of our panel mediators are now equipped to mediate matters via teleconferencing and videoconferencing solutions, such as Zoom.   The parties can either agree to an online mediation or delay the mediation until an in-person meeting is permissible.  Further information and online filing of mediation is available here.


Transaction Rescue

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing a huge rise in issues related to closing and appraisal timelines, county recorders office closures, concerns around rate locks and change in employment status. C.A.R.’s Transaction Rescue™ is your free member benefit providing one-on-one assistance with these as well as any other finance related issues in the transaction.

zipForms® Webinars

American Land Title Association (ALTA) Coronavirus Resources



Legal Hotline

If you have legal questions regarding COVID-19 or any other real estate issue please call the CAR Legal Hotline for free, one on one legal advice. The CAR attorneys will advise on contracts, transactional problems, disclosures, landlord/tenant matters, tax issues, fair housing and other topics.


C.A.R. COVID Relief Hotline

Call (213) 351-8450 for 24x7 support via SMS text and live support between 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. on financial relief programs available to REALTORS®. You can also email

The C.A.R. COVID Relief Hotline is intended to provide general answers regarding coronavirus-related federal and state relief programs available to REALTORS®. It is not intended as a substitute for individual legal, financial or tax advice. Advice in specific situations may depend on a wide variety of factors, and members who require review of a relief application or information about their specific legal or financial situation should consult the attorney, accountant or other advisor of their choice. These issues are beyond the scope of those provided by this Hotline. 

California Employment Development Department (EDD) Coronavirus Resources


California Labor & Work Development Agency Coronavirus Resources


UI Work Sharing Program – allows employers to seek alternatives to layoffs

Facebook Small Business Grants


California IBank’s Small Business Finance Center


California Treasurer’CalCAP

Local Resources:

California Land Title Association Updates on County Recorder Operations

California Apartment Assn.

California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

COVID-19 L.A. County Response Fund

City of Oakland Outlines Small Business, Workforce Support to Mitigate Impacts of COVID-19

San Francisco Assistance & Guidance for Businesses and Workers Impacted by COVID-19


San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund

For Property Owners/Managers:

C.A.R.'s Property Management and COVID-19 Resources NEW 4/24

From the National Association of REALTORS®

Coronavirus: Resources for Property Owners

Coronavirus: A Guide for REALTORS®


Coronavirus: Resources for Property Owners


Coronavirus: Resources and Guidance for Employers


Transaction Guidance After Natural Disaster


Health & Safety 

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


California Department of Public Health (CDPH)


World Health Organization (WHO)


Find your local health department

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